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Find out more about how we use the latest in FLE™ technology to produce amazingly unique pictures that never fade. Your questions answered:

An EMAGE, in short is an engraved image but with EpicPrintz we take it a step further with our custom FLE™ (Fiber Laser Engraving Technology)!

Absolutely – while we aren’t the first to fiber laser engrave a material, we certainly pride ourselves on coming out with the smoothest and cleanest images on ceramic tiles! We have dedicated laser techs who have perfected power, frequency, and speed to make your EMAGE stand out and display crisp, life like details on every tile.

Our technology goes even further than that! Our tiles are coated with a special blend of paint that is slowly and accurately etched off microns at a time to give perfect gradients. Imagine hundreds of thousands of little dots where each dot by it’s self doesn’t represent much but combined create a beautifully crafted EMAGE!

In conjunction with amazing software and algorithms, we have the ability to control and tweak each node or “dot” of data to guarantee a crisp EMAGE.

All of our tiles are 6×6 or 4×4 inches and are full ceramic. We paint the back of each tile by hand and engrave our logo on the back. For full customization, you can also request a small message for us to engrave completely free with your order! Please note that we try to use the same brand of tiles on all of our orders. In the event of supply chain issues we may utilize other brands and backs of EMAGEs may not be the same as pictured.

The face of our tile is painted in layers using a base and gloss. Once the tile is engraved, we do use a clear coat spray to protect your EMAGE as well.

Ceramic is a very hard material but is also brittle. Please be sure to handle with care when placing your tile in its perfect spot! Sometimes your tile may collect dust. While the tile front is coated with a clear protectant, remember that this is a finely engraved portrait on paint. We recommend lightly brushing the front off with a clean and dry cloth. Avoid any cleaning products, rubbing alcohol or acetone around the EMAGEs as it will eat away at the paint!

Our EMAGEs come in a durable shipping box. Each tile is wrapped in parchment paper to avoid any sticking to packaging materials. Next the tile is placed into a foam sleeve and lastly padded with bubble wrap sheets and packing paper to avoid any jostling around!

Once our EMAGEs leave our tender loving care, we leave it to the amazing delivery companies to get your portrait safely! However, accidents and things happen! Simply send us a picture of your package and the broken contents to [email protected] and we will replace and ship you a new tile for free. Aside from shipping, we look at returns on a case by case basis. We stand behind our product and will be sure to make any issue right!

YES! And the best part?? They come free with every purchase! you can start displaying those tiles right out the box!

If you are purchasing a custom EMAGE, simply upload your photo to our print portal and let us handle the rest! We will edit your image for maximum clarity and resolution, print it and ship it right to your doorstep! If for whatever reason the image is not clear enough, one or our technicians will reach out via phone or email (based upon the contact information you provided) and clarify any issues!

Our engravings aren’t a 1 click product. They do take time! Sometimes images require more layers of paint and longer “burn” times. During normal times expect your portrait to be completed and in the mail within 1-2 business weeks. During peak seasons such as Christmas, expect 2-4 business weeks. We do offer an expedited service for a 72 hour turn around time that can be chosen at checkout. Please note that if you choose the expedited service, our 72 hours does not start until we have a working image.

Pretty much anything. You may email [email protected] if you are unsure your image is usable. We can take anything from jpegs to svg files! Took an awesome picture of your dog with your iPhone? We can take that image too.

Sometimes picture quality renders it unusable. If that is the case, a tech will reach out and assist you. If we can’t find a suitable image, we will refund your order!

Epic PrintZ takes all major card brands and we also accept Paypal!

Yes, EMAGES make great wedding or party gifts! If you are looking to order in bulk please email [email protected] for a custom quote. Dazzle your guests with a truly one of a kind gift!

No problem, please contact us to find out more.



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